Taking the act on the road

Hey folks –
Posts around here will be a bit sporadic and/or delayed during the next few days. It’s vacation time for the family and since my wife and two boys got a head start on me earlier this week, I have to batten down the hatches here in The Lanc before heading out.

Nevertheless, I’ll check in tonight/tomorrow with a few items pertaining to the Phillies, fun-time travel tidbits and maybe even a little something on 41-year-old Olympic swimmer, Dara Torres.

After that, everything else will come direct from Estes Park, Colorado where the big plan is run up a mountain (not hike, run). Other than the big run, I plan on sitting around with some coffee, and a book for some decoration so it looks like I’m doing something while I stare out into the middle distance for a week or so.

Check out the picture from the backyard

Anyway, I’ll be sure to write all about the adventures and goofiness I get tangled up in over the next week(s)… stay tuned.

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