Von Hayes to meet Von Hayes

Sometimes when a door closes – or in this case, never appeared – a new one opens. In the case for Von Hayes it appears as if they will finally come face to face with Von Hayes.

No, that wasn’t some type of Zen thing. Far from it. Instead, the muse will get a first-hand look at the poets.

So to speak.

Here’s the deal: The indie rock band Von Hayes, based in Newark, Del. and North Jersey, will play a set before the Sept. 20 game between the York Revolution and Lancaster Barnstormers of the non-affiliated Atlantic League and then will perform “Take Me Out to the Ballgame,” during the seventh-inning stretch.

The game/gig will be played at York, Pa.’s Sovereign Bank Stadium at noon as part of a two-town, day-night doubleheader. The Lancaster club, it appears, is missing out.

Nevertheless, the Barnstormers are managed by Von Hayes, the former star-crossed Phillie turned modern-day cult hero. The group Von Hayes, as chronicled by Jeff Pearlman for ESPN.com last week, petitioned the Lancaster baseball club for a chance to perform “The Star Spangled Banner” (or anything) with the hope of paying homage to its hero.

“Von Hayes is our inspiration,” Peter Bothum co-founder with Andrew Zitelli of Von Hayes told Pearlman.

According to Pearlman (as well as my past experiences), it wasn’t so much that the Barnstormers’ were standoffish about the idea of Von Hayes performing on the same field as Von Hayes, they just didn’t seem to care or return any phone calls.

As Pearlman wrote, “Somewhere, Bill Veeck is rolling over in his grave.”

But that’s when York team stepped in. In another salvo in the long-simmering War of the Roses (York is white, Lancaster is red), York seems to be taunting Von Hayes with Von Hayes. It’s as if York is claiming to have a Von Hayes of its own, only with power chords instead of a .259 lifetime batting average.

The York-Lancaster rivalry runs deep with the local press, despite the fact that it hasn’t really galvanized the citizenry. The fact is, York is just another town one sees as they drive on Route 30 to Baltimore or Washington. Kind of like how Lancaster is just a blur through the windshield to folks from York as they head to Philly or New York.

Who knows, maybe Von Hayes can be the spark to get a buzz back on the streets?

Or not.

Either way, Von Hayes is very excited about the possibility of meeting Von Hayes, however, Bothum wrote in an e-mail, “Hopefully he doesn’t come out and beat us up.”

Von Hayes was known for hitting two home runs in the first inning of a game at the Vet against the Mets, but these days Von Hayes recently released an album called Evident Eyelid on the independent label, State Capital Records.

It’s hard not to like the fact that both Von Hayes and Von Hayes are working for indie organizations.

Nevertheless, Bothum sent along the first single (“If there is such a thing anymore”) called, “You Should Call Clyde.” The group also maintains a MySpace page where all other relevant information is kept.

In the meantime, Von Hayes and the Barnstormers appear to be limping to a last-place finish with a 53-69 record. The other Von Hayes will play at the Franklin Tavern in Lawrenceville, N.J. on Sept. 12.

You Should Call Clyde (mp3)