Utley plays

utley1CLEARWATER, Fla. — Yessir, as first reported by yours truly of CSNPhilly.com and Todd Cougar Zolecki of Phillies.com, Chase Utley played in a minor league game this afternoon at the Carpenter Complex.

I’m working on the details of the story now, so be sure to keep clicking back right here for all the particulars and some blurry camera phone pictures.

Meanwhile, Utley went 2-for-4 with a ground-rule double and a pair of whiffs in his first two ABs. Aftewards, Zo and I chatted up Utley about the return and it appears as if the recovery is still on track.

Also, Brad Lidge and Chad Durbin both pitched an inning each during the minor-league game. Lidge gave up a two-out double and had a strikeout in his inning, while Durbin was perfect. He even struck out some dude with “Utley” on a pitch that the All-Star complained was too nasty for this time of year.

So yeah, more is on the way…

Second inning: Lidge takes top honors

Before the game the local chapter of the Baseball Writers Association of America – a secret society in charge of the demise of our great nation – handed out the post-season awards in the form of a handsome plaque.

The writers chose Brad Lidge for the MVP, Cole Hamels for top pitcher despite the fact that Lidge also is a pitcher. Greg Dobbs took home the prize for “Good Guy,” while Jamie Moyer got the special achievement award.

Perhaps the highlight of the brief, on-field ceremony was when the Philly Phantic mused up the flowing locks of the well coiffed scribe, Todd Zolecki. However, with his usual aplomb and a stylish flip of that mane, all returned to order for Zolecki.

Thank God.

Anyway, based on what Lidge said last night he is chomping at the bit to get out there in the ninth with a lead today.

Moyer issued a two-out walk to Aaron Boone, son of ex-Phillie great, Bob Boone. However, he threw 16 more pitches in the second and has racked up 33 through two innings… that’s too many.

The Phillies kicked up a bit of a fuss in the second against John Lannan when Pat Burrell walked and Shane Victorino singled to left with one out. However, Burrell was caught off second base when Pedro Feliz popped out to short center field.

That’s two base-running gaffes this week for Burrell if you are scoring at home.

End of 2: Phils 0, Nats 0

Hey, everybody!

Yesterday I saw a bunch of the Braves folks circled around the TV watching the pregame stuff on FOX but wasn’t sure what was going on. Later, I was tipped off that Braves’ reliever Will Ohman read the lineup as Will Ferrell doing Harry Caray.

Take a look:

Guess what? Ohman wasn’t so bad. Not as good as Deitch or Zolecki, but not bad nonetheless.

Even more following Game 1 of Mets series

Our boy Todd Zolecki had a nice little scoop in the Inquirer this morning where he wrote that Cole Hamels could make his Major League debut on Friday night in Cincinnati. To clear space for him in the rotation, Todd wrote, either Ryan Madson or Gavin Floyd would be bumped. The likely scenario, it seems, would be for Madson to move to the ‘pen where he pitched for the past two seasons. But id Floyd is moved it would likely be back to Triple-A.

Could be interesting to see how this shapes out since Hamels really doesn’t have much more to prove in facing minor leaguers.

Plus, nice work out of Todd.