Pregame: Celeb spotting

LOS ANGELES – Part of the fun of going to baseball games at Dodger Stadium isn’t so much about watching the home team . Oh sure, the Dodgers are very popular though maybe not as much as the Lakers. The Dodgers are even more popular now that they have Joe Torre and Manny Ramirez.

But Dodgers games are fun for people watching, but more specifically, celebrity watching. Though Los Angelinos are pretty non-plussed about seeing famous actors and starlets out in public interacting with the rabble, the visiting scribes (like the ones from Philadelphia) took a keen interest in spotting some familiar faces in the stands.

While the Dodgers and Phillies took batting practice this afternoon, Penny Marshall was on the field talking to Torre. The funny thing about that was we were just in Milwaukee where her hit show, “Laverne & Shirley” was set.

Unfortunately, no one alerted Laverne to this fact or the one in which a few of us paid homage to one of her pals by visiting the statue of The Fonz.

While Laverne and Torre chatted, Jon Lovitz took in batting practice from the seats behind home plate. A particularly funny idea about this was when one of the scribes suggested that someone walk by Lovitz, trip and fall to the ground, before jumping up in the air while yelling, “ACTING!”

Yeah, I guess you had to be there.

Meanwhile, as this was all going on, Danny Devito chatted up some TV reporters near the Dodgers dugout on the third base side of the field. Truth be told, Devito is much shorter in person.

I’m sure we’ll see a few more notable Hollywood types, but really, how much different is it than being in DC and seeing George Will or some sort of politico. That’s the way it is in an industry town.