John’s town

John ElwayThese fans are so polite. As the Rockies were introduced, they all waved their little rally towels, but they all stopped cheering and yelling when the P.A. announcer spoke. When he stopped saying what he had to say, the fans cheered.

So attentive.

However, when Jimmy Rollins stepped to the plate, they booed. I guess it’s the same reason why Matt Holliday was booed in Philadelphia. There was a wicked cheer when Rollins whiffed, too.

They went crazy with the cheers when John Elway appeared on the video screen to implore everyone to root for the Rockies. Denver is all about the Broncos – actually, Colorado is all about the Broncos. Take the way Philadelphians feel about the Eagles and multiply it by the highest number you know and then you will begin to understand the way they feel about the Broncos.

Knowing this, it makes sense that John Elway runs the place. The old quarterback is Denver royalty and I’m pretty sure that everyone in the state buys their cars from one of his 9,857 car dealerships in the area.

Anyway, the fans are polite and loud. They like to cheer for their team and not really against the opposition.

I missed the first two hitters of the bottom of the first because I went into the press lounge to get a drink and a bag full of a really tasty snack mix. Plus, Jamie Moyer got the first two guys out really fast.

It seems as if the wind is now blowing in very hard. It’s starting to get chilly… er, cold.