Fingers, Finger and jaunty little hats

finger-and-fingersBeer at the ballpark is $8.75. That’s a lot of money. That’s especially a lot of money when one considers that they made it just down the street from the ballpark. Like literally. That watery, flavorless Budweiser beer is made very near the famous St. Louis Arch – which is very cool, by the way – as well as the main office for Purina pet foods.

Can’t make this up, folks. Doggies and kitties need to eat, too.

Anyway, I haven’t seen too many things here that knocked me over. For instance, I haven’t seen Rollie Fingers yet and I heard he was here. I saw a guy that almost looked like Rich Hofmann, and I gave away my All-Star Game lanyard that held my credential because the nice St. Louis-ian who sold me the faux-chicken sandwich (yeah, eat your bleep, veggie boy!) thought it was cool and asked me for it.

Besides, it was itchy.

I thought Tim Lincecum’s jaunty little cap was neat. So did he, too. After all, Tim Lincecum liked it so much that he wore it to the press conference with the managers and Bob Costas. He even had to endure a wisecrack from that smart-ass Costas, too. You know, something about how it was the same style of hat Jim Bunning wore at the ’64 All-Star Game at Shea Stadium.

If you’ve heard one Jim Bunning joke, you’ve heard them all.

So Ryan Howard is coming to hit and he has his high school coach pitching to him. Cameras are popping like strobe lights…

Time to watch.