Sweet Georgia Brown is it ever cold out there!

meadowlark_lemonThe Harlem Globetrotters were supposed to play a game atop the Spectrum today, but the snow, ice and frigid temps forced a postponement to Thursday afternoon at 1:30 p.m. Still, the Globbies are back in town and a ballgame on the roof of the old arena is very apt.

I haven’t seen the money line on this game yet, but I’m going with the ‘Trotters and giving the points. They have been on a roll lately.

Anyway, when I was in first grade the first pro basketball game I ever saw was when the Globetrotters had their way with the hometown Washington Generals at the Cap Centre. I have to admit that I was initially torn about whether to root for the Generals or the Globbies. I was, if anything, loyal to my hometown. However, after watching Meadowlark Lemon and Curly Neal run roughshod all over the Generals, my allegiance was completely on the Harlem side.

In fact, I was so taken with the Globetrotters that day I went back to school the next and boasted that the defending NBA Champs, the Washington Bullets, wouldn’t be able to keep up with Harlem in a seven-game series.

No way.

I didn’t care that the Bullets had Elvin Hayes and Wes Unseld up front – not with Meadowlark draining half-court shots from behind his back, Curly sliding all over the hardwood while keeping his dribble and then that bucket-of-confetti bit.

C’mon, Unseld might grab every board, but what’s he going to do when they bring out that bucket? Besides, what team can defend that magic circle?

Needless to say, we’re pretty excited to see the Spectrum roof game, despite a few concerns. Namely, what happens if the ball rolls off the roof? Or what happens if a player dives for a loose ball and his momentum carries him over the edge?

Big issues, folks.

So while we worry about the nuances of gravity, check out this SNL bit on groundbreaking ballplayer Sweet River Baines, the first African-American to play for the Globetrotters.

Take a look:

Hartman was everywhere in that sketch…