Dope on dope on dope …

Tyler-hamilton-lance-armstrongCoincidentally, the reports that Lance Armstrong is
mulling a confession for a career-long and systematic doping regimen that
helped him win the Tour de France seven times as well as an Olympic medal and
plenty of other races, comes just as I finished reading teammate Tyler
book chronicling those years.

Obviously, Armstrong’s admission is too little, too late.
But, with anything involving Armstrong one has to look for a Machiavellian plan
at work. What is the endgame for a guy who spent two decades attempting to
destroy any one who told the truth? It can’t be that he simply wants to race
triathlons or marathons again, could it? He can do that any time or anywhere.

Does he really need attention that badly?

An admission is a bit surprising because there are so
many obstacles for Armstrong to leap over. For instance, if he admits to doping
all those years, he’s wide open to an array of lawsuits. Over the years
Armstrong successfully sued or received settlements from entities that claimed
he doped. If it comes out that he actually did everything as reported by the
likes of Hamilton and Floyd Landis, there’s going to be a long line of folks
trying to get some money.

Armstrong also would be open to federal perjury charges
in Landis’ whistle-blower suit against the US Postal racing team. In other
words, in order to admit to doping, Armstrong would have to be reassured that
he would not lose all of his money nor spend time in jail.

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