He’s getting away on foot!

The funny thing about Billy Gillispie is that despite the fact that he was the basketball coach at Kentucky, most folks would not be able to tell you who he is. That just might have been the problem considering most college basketball people say the head coaching job at Kentucky is bigger than the game.

That the way it looked when these folks staked out Gillispie with the hope of getting him to hang up his phone.

No such luck.

Lexington, Kentucky is media market No. 66, which makes it smaller than Des Moines, Iowa; Harrisburg, Pa.; and Mobile, Ala. Still, there are better ways in which to get a guy to talk… even on TV. Though, admittedly, the footage makes for some entertaining viewing.

Nevertheless, to paraphrase a quote from Joe Piscopo’s character in Johnny Dangerously (via The Deitch Pit): “I’m embarrassed to be a media member these days. The other day someone asked me what I do for a living, and I told them I was a male nurse.”

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