Relying on the classics

The Washington Generals were due. Make that overdue. Big time. See, the Generals’ losing skid dated back to January of 1971 when Meadowlark Lemon missed a would-be buzzer beater that would have given his Harlem Globetrotters the victory.

Certainly a lot can happen in 38 years. Lifetimes are lived and eras of history are defined over less time. But losing streaks? Thirty-eight years? How could it be?

Oh, it be. Even with the accusations of point-shaving, some suspicious play and questionable calls, the Globetrotters always figured out a way to win during crunch time.

But the Harlem Globetrotters had never found themselves in the setting they were placed in during Thursday afternoon’s tough, 36-24, victory over the Generals. This time the ‘Trotters not only had to battle the wily Generals, but also the sunshine, a little ice and snow, stiff winds, slightly above-freezing temps, and, of course, heights.


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