All set

Dear Reader,
OK, here’s the deal — “Finger Food” is now a blog on Yep, that’s right. Just click on the “Blogs” tab on the main page and it will take you to a specially designed page.

Or, just go to this URL to cut out the middle man. However, in the near future typing in will automatically guide you to a new page. You will have to do nothing — hell, keep the same bookmarks. Nothing is going to change aside from who gets to count the number of visits.

Bottom line, folks, bottom line. All about them digits.

Meanwhile, Finger Food is the blog and “Center City” is the column. OK, the title column is a little too old-fashioned for my tastes, so let’s just call them essays. I’ll be an essayist in the same way in which some dudes are “humorists.” Then again, a humorist is someone they only think is funny on NPR.

So just scratch that whole last paragraph except for the part about Finger Food being the blog and Center City is the column (or whatever). Just look for three-to-five Center City things per week.

There it is. All cleared up. We’ll dive into it this week so be ready.


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