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  1. Boy oh boy. I thought I was a worrywart. j.r., my brother, chill out, have a drink, take a couple of deep breaths. From reading your comments, one would think the Phils just played a series against an Appalachian league team. Don’t worry, get happy, and above all ENJOY THE RIDE. It doesn’t happen too often for Philadelphia fans, at least not since the
    Wilt and the Doc made the Sixers a power with which to reckon. Read the LA papers, you’ll find some kindred souls. They’re scared to death of the lefthanded hitting in the Phils lineup and off the bench. LA only has two lefties throwing for them, one out of the bullpen, and the other a starter. If you want to have some fun and raise your confidence level at the same time, go into the MLB. TV archives and watch the four games the Phils played against the Dodgers from 8/23 to 8/25.

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