USA Basketball names Olympic team

Here’s the team that will be going for gold in Beijing:

player, team
Carmelo Anthony, Nike
Carlos Boozer, Nike
Chris Bosh, Nike
Kobe Bryant, Nike
Dwight Howard, Adidas
LeBron James, Nike
Jason Kidd, Nike
Chris Paul, Nike
Tayshaun Prince, Nike
Michael Redd, Nike
Dwyane Wade, Nike
Deron Williams, Nike

2 thoughts on “USA Basketball names Olympic team

  1. As a fan of Reebok shoes I am disappointed . . . of course, I have no idea who represents them. I wear cross trainers, running shoes, and tennis shoes (not basketball shoes).

  2. Allen Iverson wears Reebok and Adidas bought Reebok a couple of years ago to become the largest shoe company in the world…

    Interestingly, there were rumors last year that Nike was trying to buy Adidas/Reebok.

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