Everything right where we left it

CBPYessir, everything is right where it was when we left this place last October. In fact, Citizens Bank Park and the Phillies’ clubhouse shows no real discernible difference from last year at all.

Oh sure, the carpet is a little frayed here or there and some of the paint is fading ever-so slightly. But other than simple wear-and-tear that rugs, walls and people go through the five-year old ballpark is just the same as it ever was.

In other words, not much has changed with the Phillies since I left them a few weeks ago in Florida, nor has anything really changed from the time was here for the last ballgame before jetting off to Denver to watch the season come to an end.

The Phillies and their ballpark are locked in. They look ready to go for real come Monday, though the complaints about the weather flowed like droplets from a leaky spout.

Florida weather in late March is much more forgiving than in South Philly. The same goes for the style of baseball, too.

Will the Phillies avoid yet another April swoon?

We’ll get our first answer on Monday.

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