The Dude abides

The DudeSince it’s the opening playoff game in Colorado, the players are being (re)introduced before the game. Jimmy Rollins started a nice little trend by going all the way to the very end of the line and shaking the hand of all of his teammates. Charlie Manuel just ambled out to home plate.

Anyway, it’s a very beautiful night here at Coors. The temperature and the conditions couldn’t be better. Nevertheless, I suggest they play fast so, a.) We can get out of here earlier because it’s already been a long day and I’m sure you folks can’t wait to read our stories, and b.) It’s going to get cold and windy.

If there is a Game 4, it most likely will played in quite cold conditions. Like maybe the mid-30s. But enough weather talk from me… that’s Dennis Deitch’s bag. All I know is that the weather is beautiful and the press box is nice and low and I have a great vantage point askew of home plate.

Meanwhile, the news from here is that Charlie Manuel revealed that the Phillies had contacted him regarding his future plans. As has been well publicized, Manuel’s contract runs out at the end of the season and there appears to be interest in bringing him back. General manager Pat Gillick wasn’t around to comment, though he is here in Denver.

Anyway, most of the wiling away time before the game was spent discussing the comedic genius of Norm McDonald and the greatest film ever produced…

The Big Lebowski.

These are important matters.

Also, it should be noted that there were no members of the Philadelphia press corps interested in trying the “Rocky Mountain Oysters” they sell at a few concession stands.

Can’t blame them.

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