Old man Moyer

Jamie MoyerThis afternoon when I got to the park (something like 5:30 p.m. Eastern Time), I noticed Jamie Moyer sitting by himself next to the backstop, quietly taking in the pre-game scene. The Rockies had just started to take the field to stretch and loosen up before batting practice, and some of the folks from the TBS and ESPN were milling about and setting up their camera angles or whatever it is they do.

Ever since Game 2 ended in defeat for the Phillies, I have been paying close attention to Jamie Moyer. In fact, I have been trying to parse his comments about how he wants to “have fun” and explaining how much “fun” it is to be in the playoffs. Anyone who asks gets told that Moyer is having fun and that the others on his team should understand that these games are fun.

It’s why you play the season, Moyer says.

Yet through it all I can’t find any deeper meaning. I even asked a few of the scribes who know the team better than me and they agreed that there isn’t more beyond what the 44-year old lefty is saying. Take his words at face value, I was told.

Or, look at them as a means to get some of the guys on his team – namely some of the pitchers and Chase Utley – to loosen up.

Perhaps Moyer’s tactic will work.

As it stands now, the last seven Phillies’ hitters have gone down in order. Moyer, meanwhile, is taking his time and being very methodical in his tactics. If a runner is on base he has been making throws to first even though there isn’t a threat of a steal, or he looks in at catcher Carlos Ruiz for a long time before coming to a set motion.

Yesterday, Clint Hurdle warned his team that Moyer would challenge their discipline at the plate. So far there haven’t been any surprises.

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