Greetings from Blake Street

Coors FieldDENVER – Yay! I made it. Actually, I think I am the only person to be on the premises of both the Phillies and Rockies stadiums today. In order to pull off such a stunt, one has to get up early…

I’m sleepy.

Nonetheless, we have a big ballgame tonight. Apparently the weather is going to take a wild turn as a front comes in, but I will report that the wind has been fairly fierce. There have been some gusts that could knock a big, strapping fella on his duff.

I can’t believe I used those terms in that sentence.

Anyway, well be coming at you live just like in the first two games, so get ready. In the meantime, here are the lineups:

7 – Kaz Matsui, 2b
2 – Troy Tulowitzki, ss
5 – Matt Holliday, lf
17 – Todd Helton, 1b
27 – Garrett Atkins, 3b
11 – Brad Hawpe, rf
19 – Ryan Spilborghs, cf
8 – Yorvit Torrealba, c
38 – Ubaldo, Jimenez, p

As you can see, Clint Hurdle is sticking with the same lineup that he used in the first two games. Hey, if it ain’t broke…

11 – Jimmy Rollins, ss
26 – Chase Utley, 2b
5 – Pat Burrell, lf
6 – Ryan Howard, 1b
33 – Aaron Rowand, cf
8 – Shane Victorino, cf
51 – Carlos Ruiz, c
3 – Abraham Nunez, 3b
50 – Jamie Moyer, p

With Moyer on the mound, Charlie Manuel is going with a more defensive lineup. Those nine guys remind me of something Moyer and I chatted about the other day – I told him that 50 percent of good pitching is good defense.

He said: “Ha! In my case it’s 99.9 percent.”

What a card!

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