Feeling good

“I always have a goal to do something. That way I keep running. It’s an addiction to winning. But it’s also an addiction to run – it is like a drug. If I’m not sweating I don’t feel good.”

– Haile Gebrselassie

Here’s the week of June 18-24.

Monday – 20 miles in 2:13:42
I didn’t get out until the heat of the day, though I think I’m fairly acclimated now. We’ll see how I do when it gets really hot.

Nonetheless, I drank plenty and ended up doing most of the run on the roads after doing five miles in 33:15 on the field. It was shadier on the roads, which helped, though my Achilles and foot a bit achy now.

Still, it’s another 20-miler in the books. Those things add up.

Tuesday – 1st run: 13 miles in 1:27:06
2nd run: 3 miles in 20:07
Today was much hotter than yesterday… it was hazy, hot, humid and just nasty. Unfortunately I didn’t get out until after noon, which made it that much easier. So needless to say this was a tough one. I stopped at eight miles to drink a liter of my gatorade mix, and then went out for more, but only got through five. I was hoping for six.

Anyway, the afternoon 13 miler went in 1:27:06, which is OK for the conditions.

1st 5: 33:49
1st 8: 53:44
last 5: 33:21

I added an easy three miles at 7 p.m. in 20:07. I would have gone for five, but a nasty lightning storm was ready to strike. Hopefully the rain makes it cooler for tomorrow.

Wednesday – 15 miles in 1:41:15
I definitely have the strength. In fact, the distance part really feels easy now. Regardless, I was pretty slow as the run wore on. It definitely has something to do with the volume, maybe even the distance over the past two days.

Either way, I’m pleased with the strength. I’m just about ready to add the quality part.

1st 5 miles: 33:34

Thursday – 15 miles in 1:41:47
There was nothing fancy about this one… I just went out and ran. I felt strong and even tried to put on the pace a little toward the end while thinking about how fun it is to run.

Friday – 16 miles in 1:44:32
I’m not sure this is what I had in mind for a Knockdown workout, but I’ll take it. I started out slow and a little tight, but ended up taking the pace up with each loop. In fact, I started out at 6:50 pace and finished at 5:40.

The entire time I was under control, not in pain and very comfortable. In fact, the 5:40s were just as easy as the 6:50s.

1st 5: 34:05
2nd 5: 32:58
3rd 5: 29:33

A large section of the run was into a strong, 21 mph headwind (according to weatherunderground.com), which, by my estimates, cost me 45-to-60 seconds over the last five miles.

Either way, this was a fun one.

Saturday – 14 miles in 1:33:59
I didn’t want to stop today. If it hadn’t been for work, etc., I would have kept going as long as possible.

I eased into this one, content to keep a low-key pace after yesterday’s outing. But after 10 or 11 miles I took the pace down to 6-to-6:15 pace. It felt very easy.

1st 5 – 33:54
2nd 5 – 33:51
last 3.2 – 20:35

Sunday – 8 miles in 54:37
Ran really easy and casual. I picked up the pace a tiny bit, but not for very long. The only bad part was a car nearly hit me (a silver Escalade) even though I was in the crosswalk and the sign read “walk”). If it were up to me, the only people who could get a drivers’ license would be runners and cyclists. That way the roads wouldn’t be filled with idiots.

This was the best week of three good weeks in a row. I nailed 104 miles this week with exactly 15 weeks to go to Oct. 7.

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