I’m not angry about anything today. The snow and ice (or “snice”) is finally starting to melt and it looks like I might be able to get my car out of the driveway by tomorrow some time. I also had a decent run that wasn’t impeded by too much snice that formed like a glacier over the neighborhood. I’m properly caffeinated, not over-fed and everything appears to be coming off without a hitch.

Since that’s the case, let’s just do an old-fashioned link dump.


  • In New York the big deal seems to be the story about the relationship between A-Rod and Derek Jeter. Actually, it all sounds like the time in eighth grade when my friend John got angry with me for making fun of his parachute pants. Hey, he knew where he got those pants – why should I apologize because he wore the same pants as Micki Free?

    Nevertheless, Tyler Kepner and Ben Shpigel of The New York Times are keeping a baseball blog this season. Guess what? It’s pretty good.

  • No one asked, but judging from some of the photos from Clearwater, Ryan Howard isn’t in great shape.

    Remember in the old days when guys showed up at spring training and wore those rubber jackets the entire time? It’s interesting to see how far training and the science behind it has come.

  • Here’s one – three guys ran across the Sahara Desert. To cover the 4,000 miles in 111 days, the trio ran the equivalent of two marathons a day.
  • What’s going on with the Phillies? Check it out, I broke it down:

    In today’s Daily News, Marcus wrote about Jayson Werth and how he hopes to catch on with the Phillies.

    In today’s Inquirer, Todd wrote about Jayson Werth and how he thinks he can help the Phillies.

    In today’s Courier Post, Radano offered this piece on Jayson Werth and his prospects for 2007.

    In Tuesday’s edition of the News Journal, Scott Lauber gets in to how Jayson Werth is looking to bounce back in 2007.

    On Phillies.com, Ken Mandel takes a look at the maturation of prospect Kyle Drabek.

    For today’s edition of the Bucks County paper, Randy Miller wrote about Jayson Werth and his recovery from surgery.

    The good people in Delaware County were treated to a story by Dennis Deitch about how Jayson Werth says he has something to prove in 2007.

    Stephen Miller of the Morning Call wrote in the Tuesday edition about how Jayson Werth is feeling ready to contribute in 2007.

  • Elsewhere, Paul Hagen’s updates on Randy Wolf and Mike Lieberthal were excellent.
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