Manuel and Gillick on Myers

When I listened to him, it was something that comment they put out described it so there’s nota whole lot more I can add to it.

I didn’t say too much too him.

I think getting back on the mound will be good for him and I think he’s ready. I don’t think this is going to be a big distraction at all for him.

I don’t know what I want to say about that.

Not to our players it wasn’t. We faced different problems in Cleveland. Usually when a guy played, he played good. A pitcher pitched god and a player played good.

This morning around 8 a.m.

Gotta be able to take it I guess and handle it.

I think they’ll definitely rally behind him. I think if they like him, they’ll get behind him and I think they have respect for him.

My first reaction was I wanted everything to be all right.

(25 stay with through career)
I think these things have a way of working themselves out.

I think that we handled that pretty good.

I want our team to be perceived to be what it is. Of the teams in the big leagues that I’ve been around, I think we have an outstanding group of guys. You have problems with every single one of them. Problems are a part of life. Problems are something you work through.

(on Manuel)
Do I think it reflects on me? Absolutely not.

How troubling is this for you and the team?
At this point, it’s a sensitive issue, and I certainly think that anything affects the players or our team, we take it very seriously.

Expect Myers to be mentally ready?
I think he will be. I think he’s the type of guy who, when he gets between the stripes on the field, I think he’ll certainly be competitive. One of the things with Brett is sometimes he’s a little too competitive and overthrows a little bit. I think he might be a little emotional tomorrow.

Support for Brett?
Again, we offer whatever support for he and his wife. Whatever needs they might have, the Phillies are her to support not only Brett and Kim, but any of our players.

Skipping him tomorrow?
You’d have to ask the manager about that. I don’t make that.

As a longtime baseball man, do you think it’s a good idea for him to pitch?
I think he’ll be fine and it’s in the best interests of the club. He’s been our best pitcher. I think it’s in the best interests of the club that he pitches tomorrow.

Spoken to him?
Yeah, I’ve had an opportunity to talk to him.

State his mind?
I can’t comment on that.

Did he tell you what happened?
I can’t comment on that, basically, because this is ongoing from a legal standpoint.

I found out early this morning.

My indication was that he wanted to pitch tomorrow. You’d have to talk to Charlie and Rich, but I don’t think there was much thought about skipping him.

Significant distraction?
I think our players are professional. When you go out on the field, you try to put any distraction behind you, whatever it might be. When you’re on the field, there’s intensity. I think that’s what our players will do.

It’s an unfortunate situation. I wish whatever did occur didn’t occur.

I don’t know that it’s an embarrassment. It’s certainly something that we’re very sensitive to. We’re going to be supportive of the players no matter what the situation is.

There have been some charges made, and I think we have to wait until the outcome of whatever proceedings the commonwealth of Massachussetts brings forward. I think you have to wait until the outcome before you think about discipline.

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